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Imported Premium Plasticizer Di-N-pentyl phthalate
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Imported Premium Plasticizer Di-N-pentyl phthalate

  • Imported Premium Plasticizer Di-N-pentyl phthalate

Imported Premium Plasticizer Di-N-pentyl phthalate

Product Description

Diamyl phthalate (DAP) is a good Plasticizer, has a strong ability to dissolve a variety of resins, mainly used in the processing of PVC, so that the products have good softness; It is also a good plasticizer of nitrocellulose with strong gel capacity. For nitrocellulose coating, DAP has a good softening effect and excellent stability, flexural resistance, adhesion, water resistance; It can also be used as plasticizer for Vinyl Acetate, alkyd resin, ethyl cellulose and neoprene rubber. Also used in the manufacture of paint, adhesives, artificial leather, printing ink, safety glass, dyes, pesticides, solvents and textile lubricants, is very wide use, demand is large, is a commonly used plasticizer, its output of China's total plasticizer accounted for more than 25%.

Although DAP is limited by volatility, it still has a large market in the production of adhesives and epoxy resins. DAP can be used in epoxy resin as an active toughening agent, which can significantly reduce the viscosity of the resin, increase the fluidity of the resin, facilitate infiltration, diffusion and adsorption, improve the process performance, and improve the flexibility of the bonding layer. Moreover, DAP can be used with other plasticizers to improve the volatility, and its main plasticizer still has a good market in recent years.
Xingbang High Molecular Materials Co., Ltd.


Founded in 2008 by Williams Wang in Ningbo, China, Xingbang started as a pure trading enterprise. Focus originally was on PVC additives from the overseas to suit the needs of the China domestic PVC finished and semi-finished products.

Since then the company constantly expanded to the today`s Scales. In 2019, Xingbang`s turnover is 20 million US dollars.

Xingbang carries on the original and still core business in PVC field. But today, Xingbang is not only invloved in the traditional Chemical and plastic addtives, but also we are expanding our business to include the most user-friendly, non-hazardous products in the industry and hold ourselves to the highest quality standards, ensuring that our products always provide superior value and performance.

All businesses have gone through continues developement throughout the several years encorporating new fields of operation beyond mere trading. We are trying to make the joint development of the bio-based products with our global partners.

Today, we're bringing bio-based chemical platforms to China market. Our goal is to continue striving for excellence with unique technologies, developing high-quality solutions and creating value for our customers. In the meantime, Xingbang is highly anticipating that more overseas` premium manufacturers who are involved in bio-based plastics and chemcials and other latest technologies which are representative and tendency in current could get connection with us to jointly develop vast China market.

Company Info
  • Company Name: Xingbang High Molecular Materials Co., Ltd.
  • Product/Service: Bio-based plastic additives , Bio-based polymers materials , Bio-based raw materials , Bio-based chemical intermediates , Sales agent
  • Contact Person: Mr. Williams
  • Tel: 86-0574-89137630